Circulating Cooling Water Corrosion Inhibitor

Circulating Cooling Water Corrosion Inhibitor is a high-efficiency water stabilizer developed and developed based on the actual conditions of the operation of circulating cooling water. Circulating Cooling Water Corrosion Inhibitor has scale inhibition and corrosion inhibition effects on CaCO3, Ca3(PO4)2, MgCO3 and sludge deposition in circulating cooling water of various types of heat exchangers. very obvious. When used, do not adjust the pH value, can be used directly. Circulating Cooling Water Corrosion Inhibitor  is suitable for circulating cooling water systems in thermal power plants, chemical plants, steel and petrochemical industries. The pharmaceutical production needs to be adjusted on the basis of different water quality changes. The adjusted solution is based on the results of dynamic simulation experiments. Only in this way can targeted targeted scale and corrosion inhibitor products be produced.

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  1. Circulating Cooling Water Corrosion Inhibitor Physical Properties
Items Unit Index
Appearance Clear colorless to pale yellow liquid
Phosphonates (calculated as PO43-) % ≤20.0
Phosphite (based on PO43-) % ≤1.0
Orthophosphate (calculated as PO43-) % ≤0.5
Solid content % ≥32
Density (20°C) g/cm3 ≥1.15
pH value (1% aqueous solution) 3.0±1.5
  1. Circulating Cooling Water Corrosion Inhibitor Usage:

Circulating cooling water corrosion inhibitor can be used directly as liquid, and the dosing method can be any one of automatic dosing device, gravity self-flow dosing and one-time dosing method.

  1. Packaging and Storage:

Packed in plastic drums, net weight 1000kg/25kg per drum.

Store in a cool, dry place indoors for 2 years.