Austin Anderson Solutions

We specialize in providing water treatment technology engineering services, high-quality products, and water chemicals to multiple organizations within and across Pakistan.

Our key goal is to not only provide chemicals but long-term solutions to our clients. The very foundation of our company stems from the fact that the customer, our client, is the ultimate King, who we strive to serve to the best of our ability. The key values which are the foundation of our excellence and corporate culture are trust, passion, timeliness, and commitment.

Our team comprising of brilliant and outstanding local and foreign chemical experts and engineers is the reason that we are different from our competitors, and why we have managed to gain the trust of so many in such a short while. We are looking for long and fruitful work relationships with all our clients that will mutually benefit all parties.

I hope you give us a chance to serve you so you can feel the vast gulf that exists between us and the other players in the industry.

Syed Rayhan Ahmad