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RO Scale Inhibitor

RO Scale Inhibitor UN—307 is a low-phosphorus scale inhibitor for reverse osmosis systems, which can effectively prevent the deposition of inorganic salts on the membrane surface.

RO Scale Inhibitor  UN—307 passed US NSF drinking water treatment chemical additive safety certification, meeting the highest food safety standards

RO Scale Inhibitor  UN—307 is a highly efficient compound formulation scale inhibitor for Dow Chemical Company, Hydranautics, TORAY, Shihan, Coriolis Such as the world’s major manufacturers of various types of film products.

RO Scale Inhibitor UN-307 is suitable for high-calcium ion water quality and can control the deposition of CaCO3 CaSO4 SrSO4 BaSO4 CaF2 and SiO2.

RO Scale Inhibitor UN—307 allows the best use of LSI <3.2.

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  1. Physical and Chemical Properties:
Appearance Clear colorless transparent liquid
Odor Slight
PH (1% aqueous solution) 1 ~2
Specific gravity (20 °C) 1.20 ~ 1.40g/cm3
  1. Instructions for Use:

RO Scale Inhibitor is a highly efficient liquid scale inhibitor used to control fouling deposits in membrane separation systems and reduce particulate obstruction. Using this product can significantly extend the equipment’s operating cycle and service life. The product is corrosive and antiseptic dosing equipment should be used.

The recommended dosing point is preferably before the security filter device.

Diluted solution should be used as soon as possible in order to achieve the best results.

Appropriate dosing amount should be calculated according to local water quality conditions by special dosing software.

  1. Shelf life:

The shelf life is 24 months at 25°C in a cool sheltered environment.

  1. Packing Specification:

RO Scale Inhibitor is delivered to customers with 4 times concentrated solution to save on transportation costs and storage space. Each barrel (5 gallons) of concentrated liquid weighs 25 kilograms, diluted 4 times (25 * 4) and converted to 100 kilograms of standard solution. The dosing amount calculated using the UNICHIMICA special dosing software is the amount of the standard solution.